What extra safety features do you think should be incorporated into cars ?

May 24, 2009 5:35am CST
Even with the worlds most safest cars like SAABs and Volvos there are a few comprmises. Do you ever get the feel that something is lacking in the safety features, something that the designers and engineers just simply didn't think of. What sort of safety feature or device in a car do you think should be invented or inplemented that would make your next drive that much safer.
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@angelsmummy (1700)
24 May 09
I want cars to have a breathaliser before you can drive the car, which has your dna incoparted within it therefore it can only be accessed by you! that way it would stop drink drivers, it would also stop thefts as the car will not start without the breath test being done and it will have the dna memory of the driver/s. I think that would save police alot of time and they could get on with many other things!! =D and it should be made a legal requirment to have one in your car!