Whats the best Harry Potter Movie you've Seen??

May 24, 2009 7:31am CST
Whats the best Harry potter movie YOU'VE Seen?? The Best I've seen Is chamber of secrets, but I bet the Half Blooded Prince is good too.
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@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
24 May 09
The best Harry Potter movie for me is The Prisoner of Azkaban... Alfonso Cuaron did such a great job... the even if he deviated a lot from the book... i was still able to appreciate the movie very much... aside for that... it was paced quite fast... so i don't get tired of watching it over and over again...
• Australia
24 May 09
Yea I also Love that movie too. The Prison of Azkaban is a very fun movie with a lot of action going on in mostly all the scenes. I love how they put buck beak in the movie and I also love the part when they go back in time and hermine hits harry in the head with a rock and he said owwwww.. Thats one of my fav Scenes!!!! Bye And thanks for the comment :D
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• United States
24 May 09
So far the best harry potter me seen movie that I have seen is "order of the phoenix" because i think that this was the only movie that acuratlely portrayed the tone and dynamic of the book. The casting of Umbridge was perfect and I think that the younger actors finally came into their own so to speak in this movie as well because they finally grew out of being "child actors"
• Australia
24 May 09
Yes, I haven't read that book yet but seen the movie. It was very good and the actors did very well in that movie..as to doing very good in the others. They were more into character because they have grown a lot to the movie, because they were justing starting out in the new movies and the writers didn't know how it would go, and neither did the stars Thanks For a Great Comment!! ^_^
• India
25 May 09
I love watching HP movies too, although they are no comparison to the books. Goblet of Fire is my favorite HP movie..I bet Deathly Hallows is gonna beat it! :)