@AB_Singh (132)
May 24, 2009 7:54am CST
I have seen most of the people are crazy for food items and varities. Thy do die to have a small quantity even they just have filled thier stomatch. Is this a good habbit? What else, if we don't be that crazy for food? Is our time about to finish or won't we find that again in later days? I am crazy for nothing. Yes I am fond of some types of food, but not the way of craze. I just give up when I am already fed up. Sweets are more ignorable from me. Some people feels hungry by finding food of their choice in their eyesight. But I catch some edible items food in my eyesight whenever I feel hungry. Am I wrong some way, or the people I have described are wright in some way? Let me know what runs in peoples mind when question arises on, food & hunger! AB_Singh
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