What kind of great deals have you gotten recently?

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May 24, 2009 8:52am CST
I was wanting to know what kind of deals have you run across lately at your local wal-mart? I had to go get a birthday gift for a child yesterday. While we was searching the aisles. I found a Bill Nye the science guy, make your own paper thing. I bought it and it was only Four Dollars. I could not believe it. So tell me about you recent finds and deals you have run across? Thanks in advance. Have a great Day! Happy Mylotting!
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24 May 09
At one time I was a Walmart Super Store junkie...I have it under control now...oh, and I should mention that I love deep discount sales, I just get high off of bargains,sales n discounts. I am always finding great buys at Walmart by just browsing through the aisles, but I think the best purchase that I ever found was silk curtain panels that originally sold for about $14 that were reduced to about $2.25 [left the store smiling that day]. And I love shopping for the next years ornaments and Christmas gifts [yep, Xmas stuff] right after Xmas. Boy can you find some amazing deep discounts. And you can always expect to save on your groceries...I know because I have compared the prices...8o)
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25 May 09
My mother and I love those after christmas sales. We got some good yard decoractions this past year. I have gotten alot of my wedding supplies from walmart.