Where do you sit your gas cap at, while pumping gas in your tank?

@cream97 (29166)
United States
May 24, 2009 9:40am CST
When you are pumping for gas at the gas station, where do you sit your gas cap at, while you are puming gas in your tank? I hear some people say that they sit their cap on the gas pump. And they may sit it on top of the car itself. Do you ever think to wonder that your cap could ever get lost or it can fall off somewhow. Or maybe, someone can accidentally mistaken your gas cap for theirs? Yesterday, my husband was at the gas station and he left his cap on top of the car. And when he noticed that his cap was not on, he went back to search for it, but could not find it. Someone could have taken it by accident, or it could have been crushed by a car. Anything could have happened to it. Taking a cap off while pumping for gas can be quite risky. We can become esily distracted by anything, and the cap can fall off without us realizing. I have heard from my husband that the new modeled cars have a better gas cap area. I believe this may help others out from misplacing their cap or losing it. What do you think?
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27 May 09
mine is attached to my car with a cord which is good because i would prob forget to put it back on lol
@walijo2008 (4647)
• United States
25 May 09
Well the gas cap on my car is attached to my car, so whenever I open it up it hangs by a piece of plastic, so I don't have to put it anywhere, its good so that way I won't lose it.
24 May 09
Hi cream97, I don't drive but my hubby does and he has this little clip that is attached to the car and clipped on to the cap, so when he takes it off, its just dangles so he doesen't lose it. Tamara