May 24, 2009 11:56am CST
I dunno if im allowed to post company names etc but I really wanted to warn everyone about a bad experience I had with a company recently. Its a catalogue company (starts with a K) which promises loads of money and def does not deliver. I was pushed into spending £160 to start my "business" and promised that with less than 10 hours a week I would earn £300 - £400 a month. RUBBISH! I had to spend hours and hours bagging catalogues, making up labels that were not provided in my "everything u need to start up" pack, delivering catalogues in the rain, collecting them, drying them only to start all over again as I had made about £10 commission. I then found out that I had to pay for postage of the items then next month I would have to pay £7 a month for the priveledge of using a web page that I didnt use. Basically, it was going to cost me more than I would earn, a complete and utter waste of time and energy. If you want to earn extra money, please do not do this. Thankfully, I have now recieved my start up fee (or am getting it in the next fe days) and I managed to sell my catalogues so I didnt lose too much, except for my patience and a few days of my holidays. Thanks
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24 May 09
I am so sorry to hear that this company is a scam. There are so many out there right now. I have learned a long time ago to stay away from any company that says they pay you to do their mailings, or stuffing envelopes. I have yet to come across any of them that do what they say. I always check out any company on and there you can see any complaints against a company or an owner. I have been lucky to find a few sites to make some good money on but it will never make me rich. I am just happy to have the extra income to help pay the bills in this time of recession. Good luck to you!!
25 May 09
Yeah, a little extra cash is always welcome! Good luck to you too.