May 24, 2009 6:55pm CST
Are you a member here? A standard member? Do you get more than four ads a day? IO alwyas have four ads but when I reach $2 I get five ads but only four are shown. Then the next day the view ads says that there are five ads. When I veiw it, there are really five ads but when I click the new ad I get this msg, "We couldn't find an advertisement valid with the key you provided please ensure your key is correct and that you are not using any sort of automated machine to process your request. If you indirectly accessed here you should just go to the Surf ads page and click the appropriate ads shown to you trying to attempt to click ads that your not suppose to will just get you banned so please, don't try it." I dont understand what it. Why would they show me the extra ads then they tell me that. Do you encounter this msg? I write to the admit already but there's no reply yet.
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