What do you think about computer virus ?

May 24, 2009 10:27pm CST
I was in an ill humor last night because of computer virus. When I was reading the website , I found that the computer was sudden slow . I open task manager, found so many exe was executed. Next,I had to clear the virus through to wee hours next day. In the prosess, I thought the virus maker to earn good money via making virsus. Have you got the trouble as mine ?
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• India
8 Jul 09
Computer viruses are not worst as we always thought so. Only there is threat in the mind of people of computer virus. You now too many computer viruses are used not to tease other. You know even a boy created a virus to propose a girl, whenever girl press a key from keyboard a love message poped up telling her that somebody loves her... :) :) Never get threatened by a virus, try to find them and clean them.
• India
25 May 09
Viruses are mainly made to destroy computer software or crash hardware. And there none(i don't know if it exists) website which will pay u for virus programing. So earning through virus programing is not a good choice. Secondly its not good to earn by putting someone else into trouble and problem.