Sold Out In Seven Minutes!

May 25, 2009 12:33am CST
The tickets for ACDC's home tour {Australian tour} were sold out in seven minutes so the promoters are having to try and organise more concerts I believe. Ticketek had to change the whole site and make it so only a few people could go further than the homepage and buy tickets because that's how many people were headed for Ticketek site. Opinions anyone? This is kind of funny, I tried to get on Ticketek and I got put on 'hold', basically the page where you've got to keep clicking a button to try and get in, I think it took about 37 minutes for me to get beyond that page, then I got stuck at that page again. No tickets for me, oh well, but they're home now so it's all good.
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@adam1980 (517)
26 May 09
they are very popular especially in there home country it is no wander they sold out but i am surprised that it was so quickly, i hope it was fans who brought the tickets and not the people who sell them on the black market for massive profits
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• Australia
26 May 09
People actually had been queuing up for hours outside the Ticketek offices to buy the tickets! I think some people even slept outside Ticketek to make sure they'd get a ticket. It's fairly expensive, and I agree with you, I definitely hope all the fans got the ticket rather than black marketeers. But this is indeed AC/DC so the fans probably consumed all the tickets. They've hooked another two shows I believe, it's the fastest time that any concert has sold out completely in Australia.
• United States
2 Jun 09
i dont know about tickettek but ac/dc is my fav and averytime they play i get screwed either financially or sometime crises pops up so weak hopefully one day i'l get lucky
@Bazerk (297)
• New Zealand
30 May 09
I had a feeling this would happen. I believe they are coming to New Zealand soon and hope that the tickets don't sell out too fast because i would like to go!