does love expires?

@cainam (493)
May 25, 2009 12:57am CST
there is a study which states that love is a chemical reaction which expires after about 13 months atleast..i began to worry about my relationship with my boyfriend. i waited for our thirteenth month as a couple and fortunately, nothing changed with the way we feel for each other. but now, we already reached our 3rd year being together and i noticed the change already but only on his part. he is now frigid and inconsiderate. he even forgot about our anniversary. maybe love really changes, it has its expiration date, an end. but still i am hoping to win him back and start a chemical reaction once again in his brain.
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@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
25 May 09
True love has no expiration. Only the love that gets tired has an expiration date. That's bad. In layman term, that mean's he fell out of love. That's pretty normal for couples who doesn't see anything interesting anymore from their relationship. So the start to take things for granted like what is going on with you now. I guess you should look for ways to rekindle your love before it's too late.
@Margajoe (4718)
• Germany
25 May 09
Good luck! Yes, things do change. Only last night, I figured I would be nice and give my BF a massage. He hardly reacted. When I was finished, he started complaining that I used lotion. It did not feel good. Complain, complain I can do nothing right anymore. He has become frigid too. Inconsiderate at times too, and so grumpy. We have been together for 2 and a half years. In the beginning he liked to hold me and cuddle while watching a movie. I told him this last night and asked him why things have changed. He thinks they have not. But, they have. I believe you, love does expire. It turns into a brother sister love and respect. The rest is gone. I finally understand why people tend to commit adultery. I will never judge them again! I hope you have success with winning him back. I love my BF, but I am slowly feeling very lonely.That is not good.