Black money has lead India towards a Black future!

May 25, 2009 3:14am CST
Do you know? Indians have deposited black money, in Swiz bank, which is 13 times India's national debt. After repaying those debts, if we deposit the remaining 12 parts of that black money in an international bank, the interest we get will be more than our annual budget. We can run our government WITHOUT TAX! But how to bring back this black money? Almost all the politicians are corrupt, except a few. These corrupt criminals will never do this job. Then who's gonna bring back the money? Who's responsible for that job?
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@med889 (5958)
25 May 09
This is something really bad, I never knew such things which happens in India, I have never been there but my parents yes so they said that India is a very honest country, but thanks for the post I came to know the contrary, I think most politicians are like that, they keep the money for themselves whereas others are dying from hunger.How mean it is, really very mean to be sacrificing others on the expense of their enjoyments. They are responsible for this disaster, but who can prevent them now?
• India
25 May 09
Oh common, don't mistake India. These political criminals are not at all Indians. They can't be Indians just because they are born there. They must have the qualities of an Indian. What your parents' told you is right. In India, honesty is the most respected thing. We respect and worship those people who are really honest. Just think of Mahatma Gandhi. He's an Indian. Dr. Abdul Kalam is an Indian. Swami Vivekananda is an Indian. Kalpana Chawla is an Indian. But now-a-days, some of our fellow Indians are turning into beasts. It's only our citizens who must respond to it!
• India
1 Jun 09
People try in many ways. But the political powers spoil all our efforts. That's the fate of our India. But, there is a bright future awaiting our country. Now-a-days, youth take more interest in this. So, soon there will be a change in our country!