Why don't the Mylot Default Guy Avatars have eyes?!

United States
May 25, 2009 4:49am CST
So as I haven't made a new discussion in a little while I just thought of a kind of neat one to start. Why don't the Mylot Default Guy Avatars have eyes?! They're missing! They have a mouth that apparently is saying, "!" but they have no eyes! Courtesy of me being bored, I have did a bit of an alteration on the main default guy picture and made it my default picture. Whaddya' think? I think it fits what I seem to talk about most here on Mylot.. and hey looky. I added eyes! So I guess this discussion is like. a two question discussion. Why don't the Mylot Default Guy Avatars have eyes, anndd. Whaddya' think of my "alteration" of the default guy?
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@fwangaa (3058)
• China
25 May 09
that seem intresting and easily be attract by others . that's good creative idea for you to do that. and it lets others more like your post for your interesting picture.
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@ebook_freak (1515)
• India
25 May 09
Nice creativity, dude! Even I felt its boring. And so I changed it to a head with two big eyes and a wide mouth. No legs. But two hands. Even mylot avatar has no legs. SO is mine.. Maybe because for earning in mylot, we need only hands to type. Regards, Ajith.
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• Philippines
25 May 09
Hahaha that was cool! I like your creativity. :-)