Ham Radio or Ametuer Radio

May 25, 2009 2:32pm CST
You have heard of it. You probably know that amateur radio operators are also called as "HAM". Every minute of every hour of every day in a year, Radio Amateurs all over the world communicate with each other. It is a way of discovering new friends while experimenting with different and exciting new ways to advance the art of their hobby.It is global fraternity of people with common and yet widely varying interest, able to exchagnge ideas and learn more about each other with each new on-the air contact,Amateur Radio has the ability to enhance international relations as does no other hobby. The two way communication is accomplished is just as interesting as the people you get to meet. Radio Signals can be sent arround the wold using reflective layers of the earth's ionosphere or beamed from pointto point from mountain-tops bny relay station or orbiting satellites that hams built are used to achive communication, some other bounce their signals off the moon, they not only use international Morse code and vice for comminication, but they also use Radioteletype, facsimile and various forms of televison. now a days some hams even have computers hooked up to their Ham equipment.
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@yugasini (12839)
• Anantapur, India
26 May 09
hi mohi, thank you for your discussion, any how you have started a new discussion about Amateur radio, this is a very good subject from years together, now the telecommunications are in advanced stage, but Amateur radio is top one, plese explain the mylotters more about the Amateur radio, its nessecity and importance in emergency period, i think you may receive more responses for this disscussion, goodluck
• India
26 May 09
Good Morning Shreedhar Prasad, I wonder there are much comments, information and data in Mylot about Amateur radio, Morse code and other related topics, the only thing we need little time to explore and find what, where how etc.
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25 Sep 10
thank you myLot friends, Greetings of the day. Ham RAdio is becoming universal past time. There are many habbi clubs, give training making efforts spread the habbi. it is better to have a open mind, broad outlook and sufficiant time to learn and practice. there are certain clubs having correspondance courses/ Ham Radio festivals in and arround the world. by the end of this month there are ham festivals near coimbator of tamilnadu. please if interested take time to explore news papers/magizes for the details. Seasons greetings and all the best wishes to you all.