losing a love one

May 26, 2009 4:50am CST
i just recently lose my one and only younger brother who was just starting to enjoy his life he was just only 25yrs old. he just come home for a vacation because he was working abroad. for his first few nights he was always out and having a drink and you can say that he was really enjoying his vacation and on his 9th day of stay when he was just taking his shower he just fell of the bathroom floor, we hurried him to the hospital and there he was already DOA. although its been a while since it happened he is always on my mind thinking if only being the older sister maybe i should advise him that he should watch on his health. has anyone here also lost a love one too? what did you do to get over it? until now i would wake up every morning thinking it was just a bad dream and that he would call and say that he was ok...it is really so sad...
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