Morning Rant, Washington or Washington D. C?

@Kowgirl (3491)
United States
May 26, 2009 7:25am CST
I am sick of anchor news(men and women)(even the people and newspaper reporters in D.C.)who keep saying "in Washington today" when in fact they are talking about Washington D. C. which is on the EAST side of the USA, while Washington is on the west side. I have been hearing people talking about what is going on at the White House in Washington. Don't these idiots know the difference? What's so hard about saying D.C.? I get so mad when I here this I yell at my TV. I want to send them a map of the United States with red circles around these states and explain to them and everyone else who does this to take notice that they are not the same. With what is going on in D.C. I would think the people who live in Washington would be complaining about this. I even heard our president say this in one of his speeches and it almost floored me. Don't these people know where D.C. is located? Don't they know the White House is NOT in Washington? I was about ready to throw my shoe at Obama when he said Washington and not Washington D.C. Can you imagine what other countries are saying about us and our stupid president who don't even know where he is????
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