What to do about my kids father?: The Sichy is done for now

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May 26, 2009 8:22am CST
This will be the final update about this issue for a while. I was waiting for a subpoena for this custody battle after he talked to me. I had gotten everyone who knew at least a little about this individual ready to go to court on my behalf, and I called juvenile court to see how long it would take for the subpoena to go out; they told me it would be a week. In the meantime, I tried to keep in touch with my children's father as well. Not to talk to him, but to see if he was keeping minutes on his phone. (he'd lied to me when his son said that he wanted to talk to him on the phone, told me he didn't have minutes when he did) He ended up turning off the phone permanently. So, a week passes, and no subpoena. I call juvenile court again to see if he actually filed, and he never did (big shocker *eyerolls*). So now it is up to me to handle things once again. I've decided that no matter how much I want their father in their life, it has to be right, and he has to be for the right things to do it. He has my new address, and he has the phone number once again that I've had forever. He will have to reach out to me if he wants to see the kids. I'm not making trips across country, I'm not going to track him down. I've even told everyone who seems to see him all the time to not give him any further information than my phone number to call me. I want to thank all of you that have weighed in on this situation from the beginning. This has been rough for me, but we have weathered the storm, and come out better because of it. Thanks again.
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@jezzmay (1845)
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27 May 09
I pray everything works out for you and the children. I pray their father wakes up,and does what is right.
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