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@jugsjugs (13045)
May 26, 2009 8:35pm CST
I am with alot of different sites doing alot of quick surveys which pay quite well and i am getting the hang of doing mylot inbetween the surveys and other house hold chores,the only problem is every time i leave the pc the children claim the pc,they also switch my surveys off half way through me doing them.Do you find your children do this a lot of the time as well as soon as you have got of the pc?
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@marina321 (4561)
27 May 09
I do most of my surveys wither at work while I have a quiet moment at my desk or late in the evenings while watching TV after I have put my kid to bed My kid does that too sometimes... I try and go on when she is watching TV if it's at the weekends but we now have two PCs at home, one is a laptop and solely for my use!
• United States
27 May 09
Hi jugs and you got that right. I have the neighborhood computer so everyone comes in and uses it. If I am not on it one of them is or my 14 year old grandaughter is. I reserve my time while they are in school or in bed for the night otherwise I would have no time on it at all. It upsets me sometimes becasue I get so far behind on my discussions and responses on MyLot and then it seems like it takes me foreve to get caught up. Thats not good when they mess with your survies because some of them will not let you continue where you left off if you exit out of them. I have found that true with some of the survey companies I di survies for. I have dial-up internet so it would be quite expensive for me to get another computer with internet because the cheapest way for me to go would probably be another phone line all together. We will see what happens this summer...LOl Good luck with yours!!! flutterby
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
27 May 09
hello there! i'm happy for your earnings online thru survey sites..i'm quite unfortunate with them because of my location..i have signed up to several sites already with the hope of getting surveys and earn eventually but when i have my survey already and ready to answer it, i will be prompted to a thank you page saying that i don't qualify for the survey because of my location.
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