New School Women: Good or Bad?

United States
May 26, 2009 9:26pm CST
What is your outlook on women who dress skanky and curse excessively? Is this acceptable? What do people think about women like this? Can they still be respected? Is it different if they are really beautiful?
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• India
27 May 09
Respect, first of all, should be irrespective of gender. We are actually so used to seeing boys cussing that it does come as a surprise when women cuss and we tend to look down upon them. Traditionally women have been seen as gentle and well-behaved and even those girls who are called 'tom-boys' dont get the same respect. So basically, I think each gender should know its limitations and stick to that...women are better when they are polished in their behaviour and dress. I agree with you that I dont like it when women cuss.