The Old York Hospital and the South Fremantle Football Club

Ghost - Halloween ghost
@paula27661 (15899)
May 27, 2009 2:35am CST
A young 15 year old girl attended an exam which was held in the old hospital which had been closed several years earlier and is renowned for ghost hauntings etc. She quickly completed her exam because she was feeling quite unwell so she handed in her paperwork and proceeded to go and find somewhere to lie down. She found a room which had just a bed and a mattress in it and she lay down and began to doze. She could hear voices and the sound of trolleys being wheeled around but because she felt so ill didn’t pay much attention. When she woke up she had a blanket covering her. She had told no one where she was going and there were no blankets in the room and she swears no one in the exam room knew where she had gone and this group were the only people in the building. She is convinced it was a paranormal experience. Another lady visited the same hospital which is now up for sale and was shown around by the caretaker. She entered all the different rooms without any problems except for one; she said it was freezing and left her feeling horrid and she had to get out really quickly. The caretaker said hers was a common reaction and informed her that the particular room that had freaked her out had been an operating theatre and many had died in there. A young man was entertaining some friends at his old football club rooms and was showing them around. When they arrived in the lounge area two out of four of his friends saw the image of a woman wearing a blue croupier jacket standing behind the bar. Margie had been the barmaid at the club for many years and she had died of a heart attack on the premises after a shift and yes she wore a blue croupier jacket! What say you? Ghosts?
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