My appointment with the dentist,

@anetteh (3591)
May 27, 2009 6:50am CST
Today I had a appointment with my dentist. I fixed a tooth. I came to think about this and wondered thre on that chair why this do happen. I always have anesthesia. Still, while the dentist worked I found my self lieing there and tense my self. More than once I tried to relax and not be so tens, but found my self do it over and over again. Stupid really, with the anesthesia I did not feel anything, though I thought she was a bit ruff but at least I could not feel any pain. Now I am back home, a bit tired of course, it takes some energy to worrie so much about something that really is nothing to worrie about. had this tought on my mind ever since I left the dentist on my way home...and got to think, why is it so, why do we fear our dentist, why be so tense when we do not need to. Share your thoughts, and have a nice day.
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