has a lot of nuisance raters and copycats.

May 27, 2009 8:33am CST
Hi, ppl. I just wanna ask you if you know of this site known as . Ciao also has a UK site, except that is a relatively new site. Simply, put, ciao allows ppl to make money online just by writing product reviews. I joined this site recently, through a Ciao UK reviewer's indirect recommendation. Oh, I'm also a member of Ciao UK. Back to the topic, allows global participation, meaning it accepts members from all over the world, and pays through Paypal. Although I'm doing fine here, I'm not very satisfied with most of the members there. Yes, there are some members who are also from Ciao UK, and I'm really very happy to see them there. Let me tell you, what I'm upset about is that many of the members there, really do not know what the system is all about. They thought that just by copying other's materials, they can earn free money. And the answer is obvious: they plagiarize! On Ciao UK, you see alot of high quality reviews whereas on, most of the reviews there are low quality work and what's most ridiculous is that they even receive damn't nonsense ratings----"exceptional", even though theirs are so short and lack of personal experiences. "Exceptional" is the highest rating for a review, and the review is liable for a premium fund, which earns them more money. I do not find any meaning in this as what they give there are low quality work, but get more money instead??? There's more ahead. When you give some constructive comments and ratings, like a "helpful" rating, those nuisance members, who write those low quality work, even dare to give you back a revenge rating, which means that they rate your work down one rank or more. I thought I've had enough of this, and would just want to share with all Mylotters here and Ciao loyal members.
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@Bebs08 (10689)
• United States
27 May 09
I'm a member of Ciao and I was paid 4 times in that site. Ciao is real but only the members are abusing. I never visit that site this time because I am annoyed with those people who keep on requesting me to rate them. I hate that.. my mail box is full of requests I reject them all. I don't like the people there but I like the site, they really pay you if you are just patient to deal with other abusers. I can't so I stop visiting the site.