United States
May 27, 2009 5:44pm CST
I'm going on a cruise in January of 2010. We are going to Jamaica, Haiti, Grand Cayman Islands and Mexico. I hear cruises are the best. Tell me what you think and if you have ever been on one. I'm so excited!!!
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@lelin1123 (15643)
• Puerto Rico
28 May 09
Yes I have been on a cruise and me and my husband are going on our third one in September. Cruises are great and its the only way I want to vacation now. The food is delicious. If you are going with Carnival cruise line they really know how to put on a good show. When we went they had R-rated hypnotism that was hysterical. I've only been to Mexico and Bahamas and now in September I'm going to Mexico again depending on Swine Flu. Have fun and enjoy your Cruise I can't wait for mine.
@uicbear (1903)
• United States
27 May 09
I am a bit jealous. I've never been on a cruise but I am really interested on going on one. This has only been a recent developement, though. Before I used to think that what's the point of going on a trip where you are basically locked up on a boat. But then, I was watching a special on tv and the host went on her first cruise. She pointed out that during the day, you get to visit all these great places, then you come and have fun on the bost in the evening and then you go to sleep and wake up in a brand new place to have fun in. So now, I really am considering trying one out for myself. I think the biggest thing to watch out for is to find out what there is to do as far as excursions and see how much they cost and if you can book them ahead of time. the excursions can be quite pricey, but knowing what they are ahead of time you'll be able to prepare or decide what you really want to do. Have fun!
@geogirl85 (117)
• United States
27 May 09
First of all, congratulations, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time! I haven't been on a cruise since I was eleven, so I don't remember much, but my grandparents go on one or two cruises a year, for months at a time. They have taken cruises to Hawaii, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and the Mediterranean, and loved them all.
• United States
27 May 09
I've been on two Bahama cruises. As long as you don't get seasick they are great. You can relax or stay busy. Whatever you're looking for.