How important sporting role models are for young people

May 27, 2009 6:27pm CST
Now if they like it or not it is a fact that the multi million pound superstars who parade around our football pitches are role models for young people. As a P.E teacher and life long football fan I don't enjoy teaching or taking running extra curricular football teams because of the football mentality that surrounds the game.You get grief when you are reffing the game and it sours what should be something I enjoy doing. This is very sad and must be addressed. I don't game the same attitude when I umpire cricket matches or umpire the badminton. I love sports but I prefer running Cricket teams and Rugby teams with it must be said a similar group of young people than the football. This in my view is all down to the fact that the football players themselves need to realise that their actions have an influence on young people. For example Drogba the Chelsea player was an absolute disgrace against Barcelona with his ranting and raving. Now some football fans may say yes well its a passionate game and the ref was terrible. Well let me quell that view by suggesting Martin Johnson a world cup winner and England Rugby coach is far more passionate then anyone and he only looks at himself or the team if his side lose. He cares no less than any footballer but when was the last time he blamed a defeat of the ref. England play Australia in the cricket this summer. If Andrew Strauss loses a test match will he blame the umpire? No. Football needs to take a good long look at itself. It is quite frankley an embarrassment compared with other sports. Isay this as true football fan too. People need to learn to win of course. They also need to learn how to lose.
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