Do you play golf?

United States
May 27, 2009 6:43pm CST
From my imagination, golf is for high - class individuals who trying to socialize in the gold club. They can strike a deal or establish a great business relationship during the course of playing golf. It was part of their entertainment. For me, I play golf once, but it is at the Dilly - Dally playground, $2 for 4 golf balls kind of game. So, do you play golf, is it professional sport for you, or you were there to make friends?
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@Geomos (323)
• South Africa
28 May 09
I do play golf, not at professional level. I am an average club golfer. Golf is an expensive sport mainly because the upkeep of golf courses is so expensive. It is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. I have played many different sports in my life from Rugby and Cricket at school level and squash at university. I have driven rally cars and raced off-road motor cycles. There is no greater sport than golf to bring out your honesty, integrity and your true personality. It is one of the most difficult games to perfect (even the professionals make many mistakes). I don't regard it as a sport for the elite or for the rich (although it is an expensive sport) but as with any sport club you do form relationships and bonds with fellow golfers. I might just add that it is also not a game only for the elderly. Most of our good golfers are young healthy people. It is a great sport which is not only physically good for you but also mentally. Happy golfing
@babyorchid (1739)
• China
28 May 09
i agree with u..\ playing golf is very expensive here.its only some kind of game belong to rich man, i never played golf before..i only play tennis.. that's much better for student.. have a good day
@stafei (98)
• China
28 May 09
No, i never played golf before, you know in China, Golf is the game that rich people plays, it need time, money, and golf tools. Althought, most people can build a good business relationship with the customers, but you must be the high level first,in China, how many people working with rules every day in company, only the big leaders, the seniors sales may play sometimes.
• Philippines
28 May 09
Yes I play golf but not professionally. Just with friends and officemates. It is an expensive game, but I saved up for it. I bought one club and equipment one at a time. LOL.