My back aches. Anyone want to give me a massage?lol

@jazel_juan (15767)
May 28, 2009 3:44am CST
It is so exhausting to be in the office more than 8 hours a day! but most to the time i am loving it.. but the thing is i am seated directly infront of where the aircondition is! and it has been giving me aches because of the cold and due to the small office, i've got no where to relocate! huhuhuhu. remedy anyone?
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• United States
31 May 09
I have chronic back and hip pain due tosome past injuries and the absolute best thing I've found that helps is a yoga ball. You basically slowly roll your back over the ball and stetch your spine gently. focus your breathing to the area that is sore. Chiropractors often use this. If your at the office and don't have access to the ball, find a private area and use the arm rest on a couch. Sitting puts more pressure on the spine then any other position. It's important to get up and stretch before the pain gets too bad.
@divkris (1163)
• India
28 May 09
Here are a few tips that may be of help to you - 1. Try making your workplace more cozy and comfortable. 2. Wear a stoal or jerkin to avoid the direct hit from the A/C. 3. Take short breaks. Dont idle around at the same place for a long time. Take frequent but short breaks that will also help you reduce your back ache. Probably you can take a walk around your office or out inthe sun. 4. Drink coffee/tea to keep yourself warm. Green tea is good for cold and aches. 5. Work - it will for sure divert your attention and also improve your blood circulation that will in return keep your body warmer.