Hormone-related hair loss in women

@Alderica (100)
May 28, 2009 10:23am CST
My hair has been growing thinner since I was in my mid-20s (I'm female and will be 40 next week). These days I have to comb it carefully so my scalp doesn't show through too much, and I notice that my hairline is also gradually receding. Sadly this appears to be a genetic phenomenon, because my grandfather and her sisters all went nearly or actually bald on top, although the process didn't accelerate until after the menopause. Last week the gynaecologist diagnosed me with a hormone imbalance, my body is producing too much male hormone, and prescribed the contraceptive pill to restore the balance. I'm hoping now and keeping my fingers crossed that this might reverse the process somewhat. Has any other lady out there had any experience of this type of androgenetic hair loss? If so, what did you do to treat it, and how good were the results?
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