Blackberry from Verizon

United States
May 28, 2009 4:08pm CST
My husband and I have been using Verizon for our cell phones for about a year and a half. My husband's phone just broke last week, so we had to get him a new one. I didnt bother to upgrade my phone yet because we had to pay an extra $20 fee. So I will just upgrade mine in August when it is free. My husband was looking at the blackberrys. He didnt want a flip phone - because that is why his phone broke. He will soon be starting his own business, so we thought he might be needing the email capability in a few months. He had picked out one that he liked that wasnt too expensive. Just before we were going to purchase it, the sales woman warned us that we would have to have a minimum of a $29.99 data plan if we had a blackberry! That is so stupid! We wanted to get the Blackberry now so that we could add the service later if we needed it. So instead, we found a different phone. If he needs a Blackberry when I upgrade my phone, I will get a Blackberry for him and just take his phone. Do you think it is ridiculous that they require you to have a data plan because of the phone you buy? Have you ever had a problem with your phone breaking? What kind of phone do you use now?
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@jheLaichie (4439)
• Philippines
30 May 09
i dont know if thats what we also requires here in our country my friend. our phone specially those type being a plan one.i dont really know the deals about it. because i used a prepaid one. which means i only buy cards or reloaded my phone if i really a call or text a friend. that why i dont really get that data plan that much. thnkas friend. ... jhelai
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
30 May 09
I don't like expensive phones because i just don't have the money which means i will forever be using my Nokia cell phone which has been with me for a month. I got it on a trade with my old cell phone which is somehow defective. Cheers!!
@rosekiss (30258)
• Eugene, Oregon
29 May 09
The last phone I had was a blackberry curve, and yes I had the data plan with it. I don't think they should charge extra for it, but they do. My son has the blackberry storm for his business and he has the data plan for his. I think that is overkill as they charge enough anyway without all the extra fees. The phone I have now, I don't use the internet as I didn't put the data plan on it. I don't need it and besides you are very limite what you can do on it with such a small screen. My phone now is powered by windows mobile and I like that. There are features on my phone I don't even use, but hey they are there, and if I should ever need them I would have them. Take care and happy mylotting.