What do you do when you have a sore back?

May 28, 2009 5:01pm CST
Well, lately Ive been getting a very sore back, and this is not a normal occurance. I have tried just laying down, that does not do much until I actually sleep. When I wake up though it feels much much better. I can not do that during the day though. When you are out, and your back pain gets to you, what do you do to try and solve it? Stretch? Pain killers? Get someone to walk on it? I need some ideas, because I dont have many options during the day as I am very busy.
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• Canada
28 May 09
Well, the best thing to do for it is to figure out what new activity it is that is causing your pain. You say that when you wake up in the morning it is much better, so you are starting out the day ok, but as the day progresses the pain starts. Is this right? I slipped the disc between the last 2 vertebraes of my back several years ago, overextending, so I am now prone to it slipping out of the proper position and causing me pain again. My best defense is keeping physically active, to keep the muscles in my back strong that are around the disc to hold it in the correct position. But I also must resort to pain killers sometimes, too. I use Robaxacet. Go to the Robax website to see which product would suit you, as some use aspirin, ibuprofen or a.s.a. with the muscle relaxer. Worst case scenario, I have to sometimes resort to Tylenol 3's, but I hate doing that. Some excercises help, because they help to put the disc bach into it's proper position or target the correct muscles to hold the disc in place properly. Sometimes, if you are just misaligned, the chiropractor will put you back into place. Or, if I can't get to one, I have hung from a beam, with my hands. Just hang there, straight, relax for a few minutes or as long as you can comfortably hang on without strain. It is like stretching your back, it opens the discs, and when you get back on the ground they fall back into the correct position.
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29 May 09
It could be my new desk that I am sitting at. The chair is different and the desk is a different height. Thanks, I will definitely try hanging from a beam. That sounds very effective for not wanting to spend money