Should Abortion Be Banner Or Continued?

May 28, 2009 7:11pm CST
For sure, in my opinion Abortion should be continued. I mean what is the point in giving birth to a child when we can offer that child a good future. Also lets say an unmarried girl becomes pregnant how can we justify that she should give birth to the child when she is not married to anyone. My question who will come forward and support her? No one so legalise abortion.
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@Bloggership (1118)
• Indonesia
1 Jun 09
No... I don't think abortion is the wise choice just because we are affraid that we could never feed the baby. Those baby have wrights to live. Can you imagine how many young girls will sacifice their life and the baby if abortion was legalized?
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
30 May 09
It is very important that ladies that don't wish to get pregnant use birth control. But no form of it is 100% effective so there is a risk of pregnancy if a couple are in a serious relationship. I suggest that adopting the baby to a loving couple is a great answer to an unwanted pregnancy. I know that many single mothers make superb parents. I think of aborted babies as the missing people of the world. Many ladies have an abortion and then regret their decision. I am pro-life and wouldn't ever have an abortion. An innocent baby deserves a future. Men die in war but they have lived for sometime in the world. It is mean to not allow a person to be born. However if the mother's life is in danger it is understandable she would need to have an abortion. I wish that abortions for social reasons could be banned and only special cases would be permitted. Perhaps if adoption was easier it would be more attractive to people.