feral 5-year-old raised by dogs?

@kryzell (921)
May 28, 2009 7:58pm CST
I saw this bit in the news, and can't help surfing the net, and know more about it. I can't imagine the girl, barking, laps food from her plate... and was literally raised by dogs. I feel so sorry for the girl's filthy situation. It says from the news that the father could be charged with neglect of a minor, and may be sentenced to about three years. From my opinion, he deserves more punishment for doing that to his own daughter. Besides... can any parent here in Mylot ever do that to his or her own child? This is just so awful!
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@ravinskye (8242)
• United States
29 May 09
wow that sounds pretty strange. you should put a link to the article on here so we can ready about it too. i wonder why the father would do such a thing. i'm guessing the mother is not around. that is so sad. i bet that is going to be a hard adjustment for her to start acting more like a 5 year old should.
@kryzell (921)
• Philippines
29 May 09
Actually, I thought of placing the link, however, I think I need to reach a certain ranking before I can place links here. Anyways, I will type it for you. Hope you'll read it, and see how filthy the child's condition is. link: cbs4denver.com/watercooler/dogs.raise.girl.2.1021400.html