People should consider what is the most important

United States
May 28, 2009 8:34pm CST
A friend of mine complaining about his financial difficulty recently a lot. I develop sympathy, because he still paying for his college education, and he has to pay rents too. But once I saw him talking on the iphone, I curious about how much he paid for the service of his iphone. He told me sheepishly that it cost around $250 for this iphone, and he pay roughly $80 or more for monthly service. I just can't believe while he complaining about his financial difficulty, he still paying huge amount of money for this so - called Iphone. He can get a cheaper version of cell phone service while getting a fancy one if he claims that he doesn't have money. He said that he need it. I just don't see the point, all you need a phone just to make a simple call. I think people should consider changing their spending habits before they complain about they don't have sufficient money to spend.
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@dianmelydia (2272)
• Indonesia
29 May 09
People usually complaining their financial situation dramatically. But they can't splitting which are need and which are want. That makes those people seem like lying about their financial situation. According to your story, i think your friend is digging his own tomb. His difficult financial is caused by his own lifestyle. Actually he can have a better life, but he choose a wrong way. It's not your business so no need to bother your time with his problem. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
@technoobs (408)
• Philippines
29 May 09
Keeping more while spending the least would be the best approach rather to have those tangible kinds of things. Just have a simple life while doing the best you could. Nothing more than that of spending.
@meandmy3 (2228)
• United States
29 May 09
I could not agree with you more, so many people get confused about that their needs are versus what their wants are. A phone is not really a need, food is a need.
• United States
29 May 09
I agree with you. You are right! And you shouldn't sympathize with him having problems, sympathize when he's being responsbile, sympathizing is only encouraging him.