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United States
May 28, 2009 9:03pm CST
Since I've lost my job, I've been home doing what ever keeps me from getting bored. I have four kids in school and one still at home. Ive even taught myself how to put a computer together. I decieded to switch back and forth between old parts on computers I have here in my house and got lucky. Now I'm having fun online researching.I have seen so many offers to make money online it's rediculous. I would to make the money I see that everyone says they're making. Recently my sister ran into a woman while walking their kids to school who says she makes money online doing data entry. She told my sister she spent a lot of time, just like the rest of us, researching online money making opotunities. The word of advice she gave was that she found anything that had to be paid for was normally some type of scam. I've done some research but it seems like everything keeps going to those surveys which seem to me a waste of time. By the time you could really earn anything it wasn't worth the time. don't completely quote me on this because i'm new to this online money making thing. I'm actually open for any suggestions. is there anywere out there that I could apply for a real job making something online. The only thing I've seen so far was a website I'm still trying it out and applying for positions. so I'll let you know if anything comes out of it. GOOD LUCK TO THOSE OUT THERE TRYING THE SANE.
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• Fiji
30 May 09
Try this one mate but it is not easy, you will not get rich overnight and as i said in a previous post if you want to get rich overnight you are better off playing lottery. You can join for free and they provide training for 30days and they have lots of resource, online training and referances plus a forum that you can use for help if you need. They have more then 10.6 million members worldwide and their affiliated sites include ebay,, ubid, walmart to name a few.
• Philippines
29 May 09
this site has a lot of useful links