Best Combo ever!

@winman (235)
United States
May 28, 2009 10:12pm CST
Best Combo ever with FF7 Cheap way or Expert way! Cheap way: Party Cloud, Berret, RedXIII Easy victory combo for almost every boss after disc 1. (Wont work on emerald and ruby) RedXII Limit move Blood Moon,Auto Haster,Auto Regen,Critical Hit, Attack All Super Hard Method: Cloud:Counter Attack, Defend, HP Steal, MP Steal, Mimic, Knights of the round, Sneak Attack Berret:Counter Attack-Knights of the round,Counter Attack-Knights of the Round,Mimic,W-summon,Knights of the round,HP+,HPMP,MP+. Simple RedXIII will use blood moon and go into a baserker mode and will attack 2 times a turn, and regen. He will probably Crit every hit my RedXIII Does 9999 every hit and goes twice every round. Sit back watch and enjoy the ownage. Hard Way: Its pretty much a complete summon only of Knights of the round with Counter attack and mimics. This method works perfectly well and can own any monster in the game including the English bosses Emerald and Ruby. Enjoy it took me 2 months of game time to actually test the Super Hard Method. Mastering Knights of the round 10 times in arrow is a pain in the keister(Butt).
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