Daydreamer2: IS he the hottest vampire Robert Pattinson that plays edward?

May 29, 2009 12:07am CST
i am an avid fan of twilight and i admire edward's character but i got a crush on robert pattinson who plays the role of edward cullen and he becomes the hottest vampire because of him you what is your opinion about him?
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31 Dec 09
I await the inevitable flaming, but I don't think that Robert Pattinson is particularly attractive at all. I'll admit that I couldn't bear to watch Twilight all the way through, and had to turn it off, but the first thing that I thought when I saw him was 'hobo'. Not hottie. Sorry. Plus, they're not actually vampires. The author seems a little confused over what vampires are. For me, the hottest vampire was Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
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@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
2 Jan 10
I don't see why there should be any flaming; mylot is about discussing and you have given your opinion. And in no harsh or degreeding way. If for anything, you are adding to the discussion by not simply agreeing to it.
• United States
30 May 09
I don't even think Robert Pattinson was the hottest vampire in that movie... In order of hottness, in my opinion, it's Jasper, Emmett, then Edward, Carlisle, Laurent, James. Hottest vampire ever...Stuart Townsend as the Vampire Lestat.
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@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
29 May 09
I must agree that Robert Pattinson was great as Edward Cullen... that is why a lot of teenagers and even young and old adults go gaga over him... but in my case... i think the hottest of all vampires is the one played by Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire... i think the name is Louis de Pointe du Luc... he is quite likable in a dangerous sort of way... i wonder why they did not make a follow up movie about him...
@desi8989 (120)
2 Dec 11
This is the best movie actor that I can see it constantly is very romantic and there is tension and this role is very zhampir his strashtno otiva .Dano to no end that I postochno to see him in this role.
@cyberfluf (5005)
• Netherlands
2 Jan 10
Robert Pattinson does look good, especially when he plays the role of Edward Cullen. Unfortunatly my 'Edward' when I read the book looked nothing like him, so it was kind of hard for my to stomache the movie . The bad thing about watching a movie about a book is that it rips apart your own fantasy, your own characters. But in the case of the movie Twilight it was worth it because it is a good movie.
@alilin28 (1530)
• Uruguay
27 Dec 09
my opinion is: he´s hoot! sexy, charming, and moore! lol! have a nice day
@sheen13 (567)
• India
21 Sep 09
I just love Edward Cullen in twilight.He is so handsome and hot.I think he is the hottest vampire.He's cold and pale and of course, his smile.Awwwwww....really cute.He also played the role of Cedric Diggory in harry potter and in that also he was looking good. But in Twilight he has got some new looks as Edward Cullen and that is truly remarkable.He's awesome!!!