i completed SCJP..now what symbole i have to add in my resume??

@srikool (936)
May 29, 2009 3:44am CST
if you know please send me that symbole else..give me any link to download.. advance thanks...happy mylotting
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@janwen (41)
• China
3 Jun 09
i am a java developer,but i donot know what is scjp,but i know,if a programmer just get some certifactions but not practise,you will never be good at it,i experienced that,from 0 to java engineer,to do that need your hard work and practise,and code,code ...........
@hugodc (26)
• Mexico
4 Jun 09
That's true janwen, but that certification is a way to show that you really know about Java programming, although sometimes it is not true, because in internet there are solved exams about java certifications, Microsoft certifications, etc. I think a certification is a way to begin to work in a company but is your real knoweledge that guarantee your stay.
@hugodc (26)
• Mexico
2 Jun 09
Sun FAQ's said that, once certified you can request a logo that fits your certification.