Do you work hard for your future?

May 29, 2009 4:31am CST
In my case i have to work harder for my future because base on my situation i have to work and i think no body is exempted for this because a lot of people need to work unless your a rich person enough not to work.. but i know a rich people they work more and more to earn more.
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@mjmike (21)
• Philippines
31 May 09
yes we really have to work hard in order to make our future a better're right even a rich person still need to work .. they make more money.
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• Philippines
1 Jun 09
yeah thats what i mean to say no buddy is exempted we really have to work hard in order for us to earn more we should not stick on one income.
@patialvi (715)
• India
30 May 09
i don't believe in hard working but believe in smart working...hard working shouldn't be the way to should be the mind and one should know how to use..sometime we work hard but gets nothing...and most of time when worked smartly...the results are awesome....try to think before starting anything..better waste little bit time on thinking rather then doing hardwork all long day....
@giuliaXD (162)
• Italy
29 May 09
I study at University, to begin a translator or an interpreter. I'm Italian, and I'm studying English, Spanish and Russian. I want to develop my skills and to get a good job, maybe in another country.. I think that a person should work just to live with dignity, but it's wrong to spend the most of own life working, even if you're rich enough to work less. for example, my best friend's father is a very wealthy lawyer. He work more than 12 hours per day!!!! he needn't to work so hard. He loves his daughter, but he spends too much time working, and missing important moments with his family, or for himself. it's very sad. It's rigts to work for living, not to live for working