May 29, 2009 6:22am CST
Water is really essential for our life. No living beings can survive without water. It is suggested that we must at least drink 8 glasses of water a day. It keeps our skin supple and removes all impurities from our body. It is very good to drink water when we gets up early in the morning. It mainly reduces our stomach problems if we drink water in the morning as soon as we gets up.
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• United States
5 Jun 09
TWO liters a day!!
@Beenice (237)
• Canada
29 May 09
Water is really good! It helps you to not being constipated by drinking your 8 glasses of water per day. I do have to remind myself about that because it is easy with the kids to get so busy that you forget almost to feed yourself and drink.
@Tiamjr (435)
29 May 09
Yes experts reccomend drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This amount does not soley have to come from just drinking water. Water content in fruit and the water you boil for tea and coffee can also be counted in this. I think it is much better to drink an amount that you are happy with. Everybody's body is different, and if you actually drink too much, especially after strenuous exercise, you can die.
@giuliaXD (162)
• Italy
29 May 09
you're right... I just knew it, but unfortunately, i don't manage to drink so much water.. so generally I prefer drinking tea, or juices or something else.. remember that a great quantity of water is contained in food.
• Philippines
29 May 09
Talking about water , i hated my habit of almost not drinking water at all because everytime i'm thirsty i always go after for coke. I can only count the number of water glass that i drink in a week. Most of the time i don't drink just even one glass in a day. I really wanted to change my habit but i can't help it. If i don't drink coke in a single day , i feel like sick or having a headache and it makes me feel so weak. I really wish i can overcome this kind routine drinking coke all the time because i'm aware of the effect and it is very unhealthy for our body . I am also thinking that maybe that's why i didn't go bigger as one of my aim because for me im slim and skinny but actually for people im not. It bothers me to think sometimes that i feel not so healthy because of my bad habit. But i guess it's not only me who have this kind of coke problem because i have known someone before who do the same as i do.