People with big bags on aeroplanes - does it affect you?

May 29, 2009 6:42am CST
Do you feel scared, uneasy or that little bit wary of passengers with big bags on aeroplanes.. we hear about these suicide bombers, and automatically look out for them whenever we travel.. well i don't know about you but i'm probably highly discriminative but when i see a person with a huge bag i automatically start to question myself, where are they going? what are they doing? why do they need such a big bag? I'm sorry if i offend anybody but i just needed to get other peoples opinions on this and make sure that i'm not the only one and not being so over paranoid.
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@hanah87 (1846)
• Malaysia
29 May 09
Yes,of course i will feel scared if i see the people like will affect me badly because my heart will become beat fast and my mind will become crazy to think about it.
29 May 09
yayyyy, glad it's not just me then. i guess it's prejudice but it really does worry me some times especially travelling on planes, they're scary as it is nevermind if somebody comes in with a huge bag lol !!!!
@Geomos (323)
• South Africa
29 May 09
Don't feel alone. I get a little nervous as well. I live in South Africa and because of my business I travel a lot in Africa and hey, it doesn't matter where in Africa I travel, most people have a total disregard for other people's comfort. They will board an aircraft with the kitchen sink and sometimes even live animals. I adhere to the maximum size and weight for carry-on luggage but I have seen people boarding with cases that they can hardly pick up never mind fit them into the overhead lockers. I think in Africa the problem of a big bag is not as scarry as knowing that there is no proper air traffic control ;-( These days I tend to travel light so that I don't have to check-in any luggage due to the massive theft problem at our airports. So I fit everything (laptop, clothes, limited toiletries etc.) into one carry-on bag.