What J-Rock Band are you listening?

May 29, 2009 9:42am CST
Me, I listen to "L'Arc~en~Ciel", which I like most. I really love their song because there are many tastes like slow, ballad, jazz, soft rock, hard rock. And there are hundreds songs of them. So it's like that I never get bored of their song. And the members of this band are really good too. On their skill with their instrument, their composing skill. The lyrics and the music are really good. Second band is "Acid Black Cherry", formed by Yasu. This band is my 2nd favorite band. The singer's voice is so attracting for me. Music and Lyrics are very good too. But my sis and some of my friends said that their slow song are somehow annoying, but I don't really feel anything about that. Third is "Gackt". Really good lyrics too, when he make it deep and dark. I just don't really feel anything for his love song lyrics. His voice is great but some people might not like it because he has weird way to use his voice, anyway it is very powerful. What is your's? Do you listen to J-Rock song?
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• Italy
21 Mar 10
yeah, I listen to jrock :3 And I love it. Oh, I don't really like Laruku, and I hate Hyde...ABC are awesome, the support member should be effective members ^^ some of their PVs are so funny. Gackt, ooooh I love him. His songs are incredible w