Which is worse an innocent person in prison or guilty person set free

United States
May 29, 2009 10:43am CST
Say there are two prisoners each one is accused of doing the same crime. The first prisoner didn't do the crime but the second prison did do the crime. If the innocent person is set free that means the guilty prisoner is set free too. But if the guilty prisoner is to remain locked up then the innocent person would remain locked up. So which is better? To stop one from committing more crimes even if it means locking up an innocent person? or Let the innocent person go even if it means that the guilty one is set free and has the opportunity to commit more crimes? Then again someone can commit crimes in prison.
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@david2005 (800)
• Canada
23 Sep 09
It is worse for an innocent person to be in jail than what it is for a guilty person to be free cause the innocent person knows that they did not commit that crime that they are doing the time for and plus there whole life gets ruined and they lose there jobs,friends,family and loved ones cause people think that they did what they are being blamed for but in reality they never committed the crime.
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@Mathiaes (92)
• Denmark
3 Jun 09
they should both go..because it would simply destroy te innocent persons life completely
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• Philippines
30 May 09
Let the innocent person go and lock up the guilty person.if the guilty person is locked up,he can't do any more crimes.the innocent person deserves to be treated with fair justice.if the judge won't allow the innocent person go, throw him/her also in prison.
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@arcidy (5016)
• United States
29 May 09
I say an innocent person in prison because that person dosnt deserve to be there and now there whole life is ruined for something they didnt do and it would be very hard to get another job since not to many companys hire people who went to prision. So yeah an innocent person in prison is worse at least to me it is.
• India
29 May 09
it is confusing .but interesting. I think guilty person should be punish by staying with innocent person. I think good company and good thought cn change the world in good direction.