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Saint Lucia
May 29, 2009 5:52pm CST
There is this girl and her daughter i know who lives with her semi blind mom.The daughters father moved in with them uninvited and refuses to leave.She has to pay all the utility bills,do groceries and ensure that her daughter has everything she needs for school.She is seeing this next guy who happens to be separated from his wife.He treats her good,helps her as much as he can and ensure that she is happy.The daughters dad on the other hand only buy stuffs he uses.He dont help finiancially and he uses everything in the house.Now the gil is tired and wants him to leave but he sticks like glue.He has threaten to committ suicide which i find is ridiculous.If she wants him to spend some money she just has to stop talking to him.The last time he ask her for his share in her mothers house.what do you think?I told her she should be serious and put him out.
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