do you agree with me

Saint Lucia
May 29, 2009 6:03pm CST
.....that women has more inner strength than men?I listen to women talk about their experiences and i wonder.Women tell you about child birth and the stresses of child rearing and you wonder what would it be like for men?I think that women has more inner strength than men.They never give up no matter what the circumstance and they always bear the pain of single parenting.Who agree with me?
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@tashakau (132)
• Canada
1 Jun 09
There are many men with strong inner strength. However, in general I do agree with you that women have more inner strength than men. I even think it is obvious, I hear so many stories of break ups where the men dont seem to get the picture and they either react with violence or they do something really dumb and they ignore the circumstances. Of course, there are exceptions but in general women are stronger, often is because we go thru more than men and we talk about our feelings and men have difficulty expressing their feelings.
@sataness (321)
30 May 09
I don't agree with you. I think both men and women have inner strength with problems in life and it depends on the situation. With childbirth women most likely deal with it better, however with war and criome men can deal with situations more effectively than women. but as every person is different, you cannot really judge who is better. Foe example yeah there are many single women out there with children - but i have to say i admire male single parents. They don't have that bonding connection with nine months in the womb, they don't have the bond of childbirth (mainly connection comes from witnessing it) but they can immediately love and connect to a child (any male parent, but any male single parent who is forced to tackle and create that bond on his own deserves respect. It's fighting the cultural stereotype. But you cannot reallly judge who is better on inner strength - deppends on the situation- depends on the person Happy mylotting x
@burnkate (68)
• United States
29 May 09
I am a man and I think women have it more rough then men cuz there still is the whole men can do better in jobs then women so men get more jobs and the pregnancys I personally do NOT wish to feel that pain and when they get a divorce women are the ones who get the kids cuz the men are too lazy (lived with my mother not my father) so I agree with you completely on this matter. Women also dont go to war (if they did I would be afraid cuz women are scarier then guys lol)