Is PerformanceBux a serious site?

@marguicha (84063)
May 29, 2009 7:42pm CST
I´m clicking there and I have a long way to go before I reach pay out. I wonder if I´m losing my time with it or I will be paid. It´s so simple with the old sites: I know I will be paid (and I have been paid) even if it takes forever. But these new sites are a mystery. Until you know from someone else that it is OK, you can´t trust it. And I don´t trust the proofs given by the site, of course So, what do you think of it, fellow mylortters? What is your experience with it? Thanks for sharing
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@greenline (14865)
• Canada
30 May 09
This is new to me too. I have joined some of the "bux" programs , but not this one you are saying. I will give it a try and see, and I will let you know my experience with it, ok ? Have a nice day !
• Philippines
30 May 09
Performance Bux is unreliable!
@HelloMickey (1663)
• Hong Kong
30 May 09
The admin has told us that many charge back of credit cards purchases and so they don't have enough money to pay now. So he wants us to wait until the problem is solved. I will keep an eye on it, by the way, the admin is so kind and always helpful, I hope he really gonna solve this problem and pay us again. The site was so good, if it is only the problem that so many bad guys purchases their packages with fraud credit cards, the bad guys should be blamed to make this site collapsed. I have been paid so 5 times, and they used to be good and it seems that they still can't solve the problem till now.
@luffy7 (820)
• Singapore
30 May 09
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