it is soooo friggin hot and humid!

May 29, 2009 11:29pm CST
ahhhh i know... hi all! whatever the weather and climactic condition is, we complain...hehe but it is just so hot here in our room. we live on the third floor of a three-storey commercial building and the wind just doesn't get through. and since we are so near the roof, it is just so hot here. whenever i carry my daughter, we both get sooo hot and sweaty and she smells bad already because of the sweat that we exchange. ugggh...even when i turn on the aircon, i still sweat. imagine that. and we have a small room with a 1hp aircon in full blast with the electric still on. but still, the heat is too much. i don't like winter either. i mean the snow and the chilly winds. what i like is a cool breezy day. but we don't get much of that in the city. anyway, i hope this passes. it is noontime now and i am literally melting. i just hope they melt my fats away. take care all and God bless you! happy mylotting!
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@krajibg (11936)
• Guwahati, India
30 May 09
Hi, I know well what must have gone with you now as we are experiencing the same thing here. It is sunny day and the para is uphill every minute. Feel like pushing into the refrigerator and get cool. But we like the winter here for we have not that cold as it is there in your place. When I feel too hot I just surrender to it and do not feel the ponce of it any more.