Will you date your best friend's ultimate crush?

@larish (2195)
May 30, 2009 3:43am CST
Years ago, I have this two girlfriends who never talk with each other after our prom night. The other girl dated her best friends ultimate crush without informing her beforehand. If you were her, will you also date the guy? Why? Why not?
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• New Zealand
30 May 09
It's really sad because a situation happened with me like this one. I'm a guy and i had a friend who i was really good mates with. I had liked this girl for a while and i was building up the courage to ask her out. I told him this and said that i liked this girl. He'd never even seen her before but said he was proud of me for it. There was a massive movie thing where like all my friends from my year and the yar below us went to a movie (this was the year the girl was in). I went to buy some stuff with my best mate who was a girl and who my friend liked. I'm not sure what he did next but when i came back my friend and my crush were kissing right infront of me. I swore at him from across the room and walked off with my mate, the girl one in a storm. I'd never felt so betrayed. He tried to say sorry because he thought i was doing something with my best friend. He's a stupid kid and i told him nothing was happening between me and my other friend. No happy ending to this story.