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@grace24 (1050)
May 30, 2009 10:47am CST
I have a classmate who also resides in the dormitory..I dont really like him because he is very boasted. I know that he is intelligent but he dont need to say it out loud. That's what i dont like about him. We are in the same dormitory..he is in the 2nd floor while my room is located at 3rd floor..my room is just above in his room. I can see him sometimes watching tv in the living room. I am not talking with him but one time he talk with me. And we start to get know each other a little bit. Sometimes when it is raining we get back together at the dormitory. One time my girl dormmate ask me on what we are doing because she saw us together last night. We only made our assignment and we went in computer shop. My girl dormmate thought that I am dating with that guy. Then she said that i have crush on my classmate. I really hate that..imagine that they are teasing you with a person that you really dont like...what would you feel if this happen to you?
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• Malaysia
30 May 09
Don't bother by it too much. The more you irritated the more your friend suspect something even though there is nothing happen actually. Just ignore her. There's nothing truth about what she's saying so why bother. I once experience this situation before and I just ignore them and they stop that fussy thing. Cheers!