Do you shop according to advertisements?

May 30, 2009 11:02am CST
I wonder why companies spend so much on ads. Are people wooed by ads and make their purchases accordingly. There are plethora of similar products out in the market and I think most people go by their already acquired taste and not by what the ad tells. Another weird fact is showing star players and actors as saying something good about the product. Everybody knows for sure that these stars are not using those products. Because, those products(most of the consumer products that are shown in ads) are meant for the middleclass people and not for people like them who spends daily what we earn in a month or year. Why would then anybody buy according to such stars' (false)speech? I seldom go by ads. Of course I enjoy some of the funny ads. The latest ad I am enjoyin is vodafone white cartoons. However, I am not going to change my mobile service seeing the ads. Because, I am sure other service providers will also offer similar service just to remain in the competition. Why should I dance to the tune of the ads then? Many a times ads are misleading. So,be careful especially if it's a food product. On the other hand there are many very good products which keep very low profile in the market. They place their ads only ocassionally. Boroplus is such a product, i tell from my long experiences. Everybody will like to know if you go by ads? How frequently? Thanks!
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