Do you smoke? Or have you ever smoked before?

@CRIVAS (1820)
May 30, 2009 12:15pm CST
I am a smoker but I am trying desperately to quit, unfortunately it just doesn't seem to be going very well. I have tried the Nicorett gun, the inhaler, the patch and even the pill. Nothing seems to work for me.My willpower sucks, and while I can go for a few hours without a smoke, most times I find myself cheating. I really want to quit, I have two young daughters, and I'd like to quit for them, I just don't know how. Does anyone here have any pointers for me? How did you quit? Do you WANT to quit?
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@beachstarz (1092)
• United States
30 May 09
Hi Crivas, I've smoked for umm 37 years . I liked smoking , I mean it I really enjoyed it . I tried to quit a few times, but something wouldn't go right and I would start it up again. I quit smoking 2 months ago , for good ! I was having trouble sleeping at night due to coughing . Sometimes my coughing would start up an asthma attack and I could hardly breath . I came to a point where I quit to save my life . Lucky for me I quit before it was too late . As soon as I quit smoking the coughing went away . I think that people have to get it in their mind that they must quit in order to do it and stick with it. They have to have their mind right or it won't last. A couple of little tricks I did was I would picture myself walking the beach dragging an oxygen tank behind me . I love walking the beach every morning and thinking of carrying a tank really bothered me . Another thing was when I craved a smoke I would put a tooth brush in my mouth and just hold it and run it around inside my mouth. It really helped the cravings . I quit cold turkey , but different things work for different people. My daughter and son in law are going on Chantix next week . She is like me , She is at a point where she sees what smoking is doing to her and she has to quit . Maybe when you are in the bathroom late at night coughing your lungs out , you realize how precious life really is , and how stupid smoking really is .. it worked for us :) Good luck to ya Crivas!
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@kayedanda (1850)
• Philippines
26 Jun 09
There you go. You already gave the strongest reason for you to quit. Your two daughters. I used to smoke in college, tried to look cool, but I thought of how my future children would be affected by this bad habit, plus I also wanted to show my boyfriend (now my hubby) that if I can quit, so can he. Unfortunately, he still smokes to date and I'm still trying to make him see that what he's doing is damaging on all our healths, not just his. I understand about the willpower thing, my husband is like that too. You just have to focus your mind on your goals. I believe you can do it :D