Hey Check out my Bulls Eye Shot!!! Yeah We were making lots of Noise Yesterday!

United States
May 30, 2009 2:57pm CST
YEAH BABY!! We were making Lots of noise out on the farm yesterday!! Check out my Score sheet photo here, its a close up of my BULLS EYE SHOT!![i][/i][u][/u] My brother had brought up a couple of his high powered guns, this was done using his fancy 22 caliber pistol, dumb dumb here forgot the name, I emailed him cause its driving me crazy to have forgotten it...DUH!! Anyway I made the shot twice but this one was my best on the Dead Center shot on the Bulls Eye I was quite proud of it I must say, I've not shot any kind of gun since my early 20's so this was quite a treat for me; It not only surprised my brother that I even hit the Target board, or the target sheet but to have made a bulls eye REALLY REALLY SURPRISED HIM!! LOL! Even surprised my Father that his daughter made that shot, hell it surprised me!! Like I said its been a LONG LONG LONG time since I had shot any kind of gun and I must say it was fun, friggin hot out but it was fun!! I think all of the neighbors surrounding my Dad's farm might have been surprised by all the noise, in the summer time he does shoot a lot of snakes and or turtles that are around our lake area and ponds and my brother did shoot a big old snake on the one pond, but most of the shooting was at the target board; Lord you should have seen that one gun he brought, he called it his "under the bed gun" ROTFL! Trust me if a would be robber seen this gun pointed at him during a robbery, he'd have a heart attack first....its a sawed off shotgun like none I've ever seen before it was " BARNEY BADASS$$$" FOR SURE!!! OMG!!!! so have you ever shot a bulls eye with a high powered pistol or rifle? I must say I hope to do it again sometime soon, I always wanted to shoot clay targets too, but never have the money for that kind of fun or sport!! and since I didn't have to buy the bullets for yesterday's adventure it was even more fun for me to blow up my brother's money...LOLOLOLOL!!! I think he cleared up the ear wax I had ( if any) when he shot that big old Sawed off shotgun I was standing in between his truck and my father's Truck and that loud as$$ thing reverberated off of those two trucks it really "hurt my ears", after I got done cussing about that, he said oh, there's a head/ear piece in my truck..GGRRRRRRR!!!!!! I never put it on, hell he had already blew my ear drums..LOL! My poor Dog Nicki, she was so scared bless her heart she'd first run under my DAd's truck, then my Brother's truck Poor honey I was trying my best to console her when I wasn't shooting myself; I know Labs make great hunter's and all but she was only trained to chew on shoes, and to play tug of war with old shirts and towels. you know? I don't hunt so of course she was scared to death; I knew my other dog Spud would be terrified so I left him tied up at the house; Poor baby he was scooted so far back into his dog house...ROTFL! ok I've typed enough I guess but I did have fun yesterday and that's a rare thing for me. BULLS EYE BABY!! I MADE A BULLS EYE!!!![i][/i][u][/u]
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