Verifcation help

@mikeley (321)
May 31, 2009 4:20am CST
Hey Mylotters Ive been on this certain Paid to click site for about 2 months now and been paid $10 already through paypal. Now they have got a new verification system in which you have to phone a number a give a verification code,email address,billing address and two others things i cant think of right now. I live in England and the number is American i think....I find it really annoying that i'm going to have to verify my account when calling America is gonna cost loads so i'm also gonna lose out on money:( Any advice would be much appreciated:) Thanks:) Mikey
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• United States
31 May 09
Which site is it? It is not a toll free number? If not, that is surprising because even for an american it would be a long distance call. I live in America. What is the area code? If the info is not too personal, maybe I can make the call for you.
• Malaysia
31 May 09
I suggest you got to think two (2) factors for yor final decision making because the verification done once in lifetime. Firstly, if you already received your money through their payment disbursement system, proven they are on legit paid site. Secondly, if they were requesting that such type of verification through in-person phone call they are planning for better making money system in near future. Where, they only need genuine member as participant I know, they are also for their data storage on your phone number either mobile or landline for their future marketing purpose. If I were in your shoes, I will refer back the UToA(User Terms of Agreement) and sincerely waste my time to read thoroughly every stated clauses. From there, if I noticed there are many factors of win-win situation between me and the provider, I will take positive action by calling them. In fact, the call is on once in lifetime basis and it justly like my small investment while I can enjoy their next sequent payments in future.
• Philippines
31 May 09
Why don't you try contacting and explaining to the site administrator? ;) Maybe you'd come up with alternatives that wouldn't cost much or none at all.